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Case-Study – Seawall Stabilization and Erosion Control

August 18, 2020

Seawall Stabilization and Erosion Control using Chemical Injection process

LOCATION: Gibraltar, Michigan

Problem: The lake level has reached a historic high in this area, leading to frequent property flooding due to water and wave activity. This has resulted in the build-up of hydrostatic pressure behind the wall, causing erosion of the soil behind the seawall at the water’s edge. As a result, the seawall has become unstable.

Solution: The client removed the decking and extended the seawall height along with bringing in some fill rock. We then injected the waterlogged soil below the rock with a hardening binder and stabilizer turning the supporting soil to the consistency of concrete without adding weight (this seals the wall against erosion and water infiltration from the base to the cap).

The fill rock was then encapsulated with a two-component structural polyurethane and built it up to provide additional structure and mass behind the newly extended wall (again without adding undue weight). This closed-cell resin is a water-impervious material that will last the lifetime of the wall and is environmentally friendly. This customer can now finish building his dock over the reinforced area. The hardened material will be covered over by fill dirt and decking when complete.

STL Polyjack seawall repair experts have worked on several other waterfront properties without having to excavate them and all our customers are referrable in St. Louis, Lake of the Ozarks area, Gibraltar, Michigan, and many other cities.