Industrial Curtain Grouting Project

Service Type: Polyurethane Curtain Grouting and Leak Sealing
Client: Industrial Customer
Location: St. Louis, MO
Structure Type: Below grade testing facility

PROBLEM: The below grade 31′ x 29′ structure was holding water as high as 6′ behind the 12″ thick 9′ tall walls surrounding a large sensitive piece of testing equipment. Hydrostatic pressure was causing the cold joints to leak at the wall/ floor interface and floor slab control joints for the equipment footing which were 4′ thick. Also the pit is directly in the middle of the facility with no outer walls exposed.

SOLUTION: Wall drains with shut offs were installed on all four walls to drain the water into a sump pit and relieve the hydrostatic pressure. A single component hydrophobic polyurethane resin was then used to inject through the wall to curtain grout all the vertical walls. A hydrophilic low viscosity single component was used to seal the cold joints between the floor and equipment footings.

RESULTS: Project was completed in 5 days time with over 200+ mechanical injection ports installed, Some residual leaking occurred in the following weeks that were reinjected to a final result of no leaking. Periodically the wall drains do collect moisture but not enough to build hydrostatic pressure like it once was. Project was successful and a lifetime warranty on the work was given. Over 125 gallons of raw material plus catalyst was injected into the walls and floor.