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Our recent seawall repair work in Ozarks

June 14, 2021

STL Polyjack crew knocking out another successful project in the Ozarks. The area below the concrete slab in the boathouse and behind the seawall in various areas had no supporting soil left due to erosion. Inspection holes were initially drilled in the boathouse slab and a bore scope was inserted revealing a consistent 12″ – 14″ void space throughout and in some areas as deep as 48″ to the waterline below the seawall where catfish could be seen swimming. The crew went in and filled the voids completely (no catfish or sea life were harmed) with structural polyurethane foam to lock it into the rocks and supporting soil below to save it from collapse.

The additional void spaces on both sides of the boat house were completely eroded down to the waterline as well so an organic fabric was used to sit on the water line to help dam up and collect the polyethylene material to create a base for the material to build on all the way to the top. It’s now ready for landscapers to come in with backfill and grass.

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