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STL Polyjack – Top Rated Contractor for Industrial
Waterproofing in St. Louis

Industrial Waterproofing is a process of protecting structures from water and moisture infiltration. Multiple techniques such as injection grouting or surface sealing may be used depending on the structure and type of infiltration repair or prevention.

At STL PolyJack, we specialize in waterproofing solutions to the commercial and industrial sectors as well as residential, Such projects include containment or holding areas, equipment pits, foundations walls, seawall and bulkheads and a variety of other below grade structures.

Industrial projects in terms of scale are typically the largest such as highways, bridges, water treatment plants, train yards, dams / levees and so on. In addition to the scale there is a lot of coordination with municipalities, engineers, contractors or subcontractors. On the planning side we may need to bring in additional equipment to access the work or specialty equipment must be fabricated. Even documentation, inspections, clearances, type of insurance, payment schedules and so on are just as important to doing the work itself. STL Polyjack has the experience, credentials and professionalism needed and this makes STL Polyjack a best Industrial waterproofing contractor in St. Louis, Missouri.

What’s The Need For Waterproofing?

Concrete Longevity: Changing climate and over saturation of soils can cause ground movement and settlement causing high hydrostatic pressures on structures over time wearing down their composition and internal components reducing their ability to protect the structure from cracking, setting and water infiltration. Waterproofing as a preventive maintenance or as a repair will decrease the detrimental effects of water on a structure and increase its longevity.

Protection: Waterproofing provides strength for internal and external structures that could be negatively impacted by weather and other work conditions. With Waterproofing comes protection against leaks and invasion of contaminants in holding tanks or soil erosion in retaining or seawalls.

Structural Integrity: By waterproofing your structure it remains stable and non-penetrable by the corrosive effects of water and water pressure. This allows the structure to perform as it was designed and not be over encumbered with structural deficiencies or trying to withstand pressures it was never designed for.

“We help you keep your industrial floors safe and secure.”

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Why Choose Us?

STL PolyJack has the experience, equipment and know how to get the project done correctly and professionally.

  • At STL PolyJack, we assess the waterproofing needs for your property and provide an adequate remedy as needed for the structure by offering our comprehensive industrial waterproofing solutions backed by real engineering know how.
  • Our team comprises of certified technicians who are expertly trained and equipped to handle your waterproofing projects. We have enough experience to tackle any waterproofing issue. We welcome challenging projects.
  • Our communication lines are always open, and our services are robust. We strive for maximum satisfaction at a competitive rate.
  • We are licensed and insured, so, you can be confident you are getting a professional service and an expertly executed job.
  • We take pride in knowing that we provide the best waterproofing services in the midwest.

STL Polyjack is providing Industrial waterproofing solution in St. Louis, Illinois and Gulf Coast. Contact STL Polyjack today for a free estimate and prompt Industrial waterproofing solution for your factory floors or warehouses.

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