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Loading Docks

Loading docks are one the busiest compartments in a commercial or industrial facility setup. The loading dock floor is often subjected to more work compared to other parts of the facility, so the loading dock floor crack can happen easily. Every raw material, equipment, and any form of tools goes in and out of the building through the loading dock.  These items are moved in and out of the building by dollies, forklift, and hand trucks accompanied by their drivers and workers who unload and transport shipments from the dock to where they are needed. These activities have to do with the movement of people, loads, and machines, which represent heavy loads and impact on the surface of the loading dock. When loading docks are continually exposed to stressors, they begin to exhibit different types of faults like cracks, potholes, uneven surfaces, and spalls.

Causes of Loading Dock Failures and Loading Dock floor Cracks

The most common causes of industrial or commercial loading dock repair are concrete settling and sinking. There are several reasons why loading dock sinking and settlings occur in a busy industrial property or a commercial property. In most cases, it is either improper soil compaction or incorrect installation of water channels for runoff. Sinking and settling can cause the bearing capacity of the soil beneath the loading dock to fail. In other cases, failure of the loading docks occurs over time as the soil begins to settle.

Dangers of Uneven or Sinking Loading Docks

Sinking or uneven loading docks can cause serious injury for workers who use it. Other reasons include personal property damage, damage to equipment, plants, and product, sudden slab collapse, limited liability issues, and increased insurance policies. No property owner should have to deal with all these problems if they take corrective measures on time.

Loading Dock Repairs in St. Louis

Whether your loading dock is cracked or sunken, we can restore it to its original state by applying polyurethane grouting that works perfectly in all weather conditions. The bonding qualities of polyurethane grout is capable of restoring your industrial or commercial loading docks into perfect shape. There are many benefits to using polyurethane compared to other repair options such as grinding, slab jacking, or replacement. Asides from being more economically viable, Polyurethane benefits include:

  • Immediate Use: Polyurethane can guarantee immediate use of your loading dock after fixing. It also supports foot traffic and movement during fixing.
  •  Faster Work: Compared to Slab Jacking, or replacement, Polyurethane grouting is about 12 times faster. All it requires is drilling holes and the injection process, and your loading dock is fixed.
  • Lightweight: The lightness of polyurethane grout reduces the amount of additional weight on soil underneath, thereby reducing the risk of resettlement of soil.
  • Waterproof: Polyurethane grouting can be applied in both wet and dry conditions. It has an accelerated curing rate, making treated slabs wholly sealed away from water.
  • No disruption of Work: Polyurethane grouting is the quietest method of fixing faulty loading docks. The equipment itself is parked away from the site.  It comes in a self-contained box, unlike other repair systems where you may have to vacate the whole area for work to be completed.

Once you detect faults on your loading dock, it is essential to employ immediate measures; else, it becomes a disaster waiting to happen.

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