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Seawall Repair Services in Michigan

Coastal regions have abundant beauty, but nature has its own way to deal with human civilization and eroding is also a part of such damages done by nature. Coastal erosion causes unanticipated damages to the structural foundation; hence Seawell technology works like wonders and gives a new lease of life, absolutely "trouble-free".

Our dedicated team of Seawell repair service providers in Michigan, Lake Eerie, and Detroit give you a customized service for each structure. Like all human beings, structures, and foundations have different needs and solutions which are taken care of by Seawell repair experts. The advanced technology of Polyurethane seawall repair gives a boost to the structure allowing them longevity and sturdiness.

We ensure a smooth and quick Polyurethane seawall repair in Michigan, Lake Eerie, and Detroit.

It is far more effective than traditional concrete methodology, which gets washed out easily. For more information and in-depth knowledge of this technology, our experts would be pleased to assist you in every possible manner. All the services are provided on a turn-key basis, and it is totally hassle-free.

seawall repair experts in Detroit, Michigan, and Lake Eerie

Methods & Technologies

In this method, a high-density structural polyurethane resin is injected straight into the affected or voided areas as seawall repair experts in St. Louis, Michigan, and Lake Eerie. Our highly experienced and qualified experts not only save time but also cost.

The method of polyurethane injection technique helps to avoid the high-cost hassle of dealing with coastal marine contractors, bulkhead construction, bulkhead replacement, or seawall replacement.

Our method is highly compatible with all varieties of materials and designs, including wooden bulkheads, metal bulkheads, concrete bulkheads, concrete seawalls, and metal seawalls. Our expertise in this domain has been acknowledged, and we have been continuously getting new projects. Each of our projects was executed meticulously and on time with an excellent success rate.

Why choose

Choosing Polyurethane for seawall repair is like choosing a one time investment for your structures, which can guarantee longevity and sturdiness, for a really long time. Not just the Polyurethane, but our operational methods and advanced use of technologies have given excellent results in Seawall repair services.

Our service pertaining
to the Seawall repair are

  • Bulkhead Repair
  • Shoreline Foundation Repair
  • Seawall Repair
  • Dam Repair
  • Bulkhead Replacement
  • Seal Sheet Pile Walls and Joints
  • Crane-Way/ Driveway Stabilization
  • Seawall Void-Fill, Stabilization and Sealing
  • Structural Lifting, Leveling, and Stabilization
  • Environmental Containment and Cut-off Walls
  • Seawall Sealing

Process involved

Our goal is to make your seawall repair and construction process easy, transparent, and understandable.
While our expert field teams work to ensure your seawall is built with the care and craftsmanship to last for
generations, our service staff is making sure you stay informed every step of the way.

01 Consultation

Your complimentary consultation and site review helps us understand the specifics of your needs and how best to construct a seawall on your property.

02 Site Plans

After our review, we create your custom site plan. This (and the estimate) gets reviewed with you by one of our experts to agree on specifications.

03 Contract

We identify any financing needs and recommend a source, then both parties sign the contract. After a few simple permitting forms get signed, our team gets going.

04 Permitting

Once we are all systems go, our permitting teams starts the permitting process. This can take anywhere from two to four weeks depending on several factors.

05 Construction

With a permit in hand, our barge, concrete, and cap crews can get to work doing what they do best – expert seawall repair and construction for our customers.

06 Finals

Before we wrap up, both you and the local permitting authorities have to double check the work and sign off to ensure the job is 100% complete to satisfaction.

Inspection of the site

Our experts visit the site, they do the comprehensive study of the property and prepare a project report.

Counseling & Consultation

Our team members give a complete detailed report along with site plan, costing and methodologies.

Contract and obligation

Once we get a nod from our client a contract and obligation is signed for the smooth execution of the project.

How much does it cost to fix a seawall?

We are the most economical when it comes to costing! However, the total cost depends
on various factors, such as:

  • Level of damage
  • Site and it’s complexity
  • Number of professionals required for the job