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Most Trusted Sinkhole Repair Services in St. Louis, Mo.

Everyone, at some point, has seen the images of roads and buildings just falling into a big void that came out of nowhere on social media. Most of us consider them as good works of photoshop and have a laugh and move on. But, in reality, these major openings and voids do happen and they are called ‘sinkholes’.

Sinkholes are holes or depressions on the ground where the entire surface layer collapses, due to various natural and man-made factors. The soil or the bedrocks under the surface layer erodes and creates voids that are invisible to the naked eye. Once these caverns are big enough, the surface layer has no support and so it collapses to form sinkholes. Any additional weights such as buildings can accelerate this process. It is a common problem in the Greater Missouri area and it can be repaired and remedied by hiring a proper Sinkhole Repair Company in St. Louis. 

What Causes Sinkholes? ​

The causes of sinkholes are twofold. They are,

Natural Causes –  Water is a great eroder and given sufficient time it can erode just about anything. Water-soluble carbonate bedrock and limestone are more susceptible to sinkholes, and more than half of Missouri’s surface is made up of the same. Water flowing underground can erode the bedrock with time, causing a void and thereby eventually a sinkhole.

Man-made causes – Improper water lining/ drain pipes lead to leaking and this erodes the bedrocks. Improper soil compaction, mining activities, water settlement underground, etc. are some man-made reasons that cause sinkholes. 


Detection of Sinkholes

The statement ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’ applies to all facets of life. It applies to repairing sinkholes as well. The earlier the detection, the easier and cheaper the repair works. However, you don’t have to fret for STL Polyjack can help you with any situation. The following are some symptoms that a sinkhole might be brewing under your feet,

Cracks – Cracks at the floors/ tiles are the most common indicator of a looming sinkhole. Cracks in walls and ceilings are also indicators. Sometimes one part of the house might sink, forming sloping floors due to sinkhole formation.

Windows and Door Frame problems – If the windows and/or door frames at your home crack or stick, it might be due to a potential sinkhole directly below them. 

Leaning fencing – If your fence or other planted structures in and around your home are dipping or leaning, it is an indicator of a sinkhole and it is in your best interest to check for one. 

Sinkhole Repair Process

Once you contact our sinkhole filling team, they would do a thorough Ground Penetration Radar (GPR) test to determine the cause and the extent of the sinkhole in your place. Then begins the process of repairing the sinkholes. As stated before, the earlier the detection the easier and cheaper it is to repair.

Polyurethane Foam Injection/ Polyjacking

If the inspected sinkhole is shallow, then polyjacking is the best option for sinkhole void filling. Polyjacking is the process of injecting polyurethane foam into the void. It is then left for curing. This process is eco-friendly and more efficient than traditional processes such as mudjacking.

Our best team for Sinkhole Repair in St. Louis, arrive on the spot and would do the sinkhole filling process with zero disruption to your neighborhood. Polyjacking lasts longer and prevents water from eroding the underground layer further since it is waterproof.

Deep Compaction Grouting

In this process, issues that are deeper and underground can be fixed. In the grouting process, our Sinkhole Repair Experts in St. Louis insert injection pipes into the ground that reaches the eroded bedrocks. Then, grouting of polyurethane is filled into those voids. The sinkhole void filling takes place layer by layer so that the entire area is secured.

The grout doesn’t mix with soil or water and hence it ensures that the further deepening of the void is prevented. Once cured, the compaction grouting can last for decades to come with zero issues. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The entire process of polyjacking and grouting is done such that the sinkholes are filled while dealing with no or minimal damage. Rest assured, our team will restore any damages in a jiffy.

Sinkholes form under different conditions such as heavy rainfall, heavy loading, blasting, drought, etc. However, residential boreholes are not sufficient to cause sinkholes.

No one can predict the formation or collapse of a sinkhole. It is always in your best interest to have sinkhole coverage for your home. Some mortgages and bank owners require homeowners to carry sinkhole coverage.

The repair work done by STL Polyjack is not invasive and doesn’t consume a lot of time. Our process is fast, robust, and provides a long-term solution. You can live in the comfort of your home while the repair is being done.

Reasons Why STL Polyjack is the #1 Sinkhole Repair Company in St. Louis

STL Polyjack has been serving the people and businesses in the Greater Missouri region since its inception. Our engineers have always been ranked first for their service quality, their empathy, and for keeping their promises. 

  • Our sinkhole repair company in St. Louis has been awarded an A+ rating by the BBB (Better Bureau Business) accreditation.
  • Our sinkhole filling company is equipped with certified engineers having years of problem-solving experience and unquestionable expertise in the field.​
  • Our payment system is hassle-free. We provide our clients with various payment options, thereby making it easy and comfortable for them to pay us what we deserve.​
  • Our premier sinkhole void filling service has been recognized by the Home Advisor and we have been titled the best of Home Guide – 2019.​

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