About Us

STL Polyjack the preferred concrete contracting company in St. Louis


In 2016, STL Polyjack was established after our chemical engineers, structural engineers, field technicians, and company principals agreed on one single goal: to always invest in technology and pioneer methodologies to efficiently and cost-effectively rebuild infrastructures of the world.

STL Polyjack is comprised of leaders in their respective fields and possess a wealth of knowledge through decades of experience. Our principal partner is a US Marine Corps veteran that has operated on naval and Marine Corps air stations and has engaged in operations in Iraq and Kuwait. Our primary director of operations is also our principal engineer has designed and managed the construction of state of the art facilities to support the most technologically advanced vehicles and vessels of our time.

Managing operations and providing solution for concrete repair became the forefront of STL Polyjack’s ideology. STL Polyjack was established to reinforce, repair, and rehabilitate our aging infrastructure, whether they are concrete bridges, railways, Seawalls, Warehouses, Loading dock leveling, manufacturing facilities, dams, or sewer systems. We seek technology and processes from around the world to efficiently strengthen our infrastructure without further burdening the environment.