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What is Chemical Grouting?

Chemical grouting also know as Pressure Grouting and Injection Grouting is a soil stabilization technique of filling the voids, surface defects, cracks or honeycombs under pressure in concrete. The process involves the injection of polyurethane chemical grout in medium to coarse grading forming solid sandstone masses. The grouting approach is performed by boring holes into the weak zones and injecting a high – density chemical grout into the affected area. Once polyurethane has been injected into the weak areas, it begins to bind and compact the soil. Chemical grouting can fill the void, stabilize and also repair your industrial floor, trenchless sewer, roadway repair, structural repair, and foundation Repair in St. Louis.

Why use Chemical Grouting?

  • The process involved is simple and effective. Chemical grout injection is ten times more efficient than traditional mudjacking methods.
  • Chemical grouting technology is stable and resistant to chemical and water corrosion. It is non – toxic after curing, and it is environmentally friendly.
  • You can employ the technology of chemical grouting for emergency repair purposes in factories, equipment pits, commercial buildings, levees, dams, etc.,
  • Chemical grouting is stable and reliable. The grouts can penetrate deep into concrete and permeate deep cracks on the structure and waterproof.
  • It stops the leakage of water, fluid, and air from seeping into concrete structures instantly.

Why STL Polyjack for Injection Grouting in St. Louis?

  • Certified experts from Chemical Grouting Institute
  • At STL PolyJack, we design our services in a unique way to offer maximum satisfaction and minimum expenditure. Our rates are competitive, and our services are top-notch – this is reflected in the positive testimonies we get from our clients from St. Louis, Missouri.
  • Our staffs are passionate and possess in-depth knowledge, experience, and are trained to execute their job carefully. We leave a trail of excellence behind in all that we do.
  • Our equipment meets the requirements of your job. This equipment is tested and hand-picked to perform a perfect job. We aim to give you complete customer satisfaction.
  • Distance is not a barrier for us as we are continuously widening our service area. Our services are prominent in St Louis, Illinois and Missouri but able to cover the entire midwest if so needed including Gulf Coast.
  • Our team boasts of certified experts that are specialists in industrial floor stabilization, trenchless sewer repair, roadway repair, foundation repairs, and other structural frameworks.
  • We use high-quality chemical grouts that are environmentally friendly to deliver both performance improvements and cost-saving service.

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