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Interior Slab Lifting using Polyjacking

July 27, 2021


Not just because the wind, rain, and snow are off our back while we work but because they represent the best value vs replacement for our customers. While interior Polyjacking is better than the Interior Mudjacking process. Polyjacking is typically 1/3 the cost of exterior slab tear out and replacement, but the Interior slab lifting process also called interior polyjacking of slabs is more like 1/10 the replacement cost. This is not to say interior slab jacking and void filling are cheaper, In fact, they are typically more expensive to inject than exterior slabs as there are more under-slab obstacles and the voids are larger so more material is always required. Where the 1/10 comes in is the high cost of replacement and invasiveness of tearing out your basement slab or floor slab. It’s very difficult to break up these slabs without damaging your foundation or underground piping, It’s a nightmare to remove the debris, and pouring new concrete almost always requires the added expense of a pump truck when pouring a basement slab over. This work can also last for days with dust and workers throughout your home.

To say the least, it’s very important to preserve your interior slabs by properly void filling them when cracking occurs and leveling them when you see sinking and cracking.