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Polyjacking and The Changing of The Seasons

December 10, 2021

As the year ends with fall turning into winter, everything around us changes. The weather, the temperature, humidity, and so on. These changes can definitely cause colds and allergies to rise so we all stock up on medicine and vitamins to get ahead of it. But, have you ever thought about how these changes affect our homes, offices, and business establishments? If not, you should definitely think about it and possibly get ahead of that as well.

Have you noticed right as the weather turns from warm to cold, cracking and settlement in your critical interior spaces, like basements, garages, or even commercial warehouses shows up or intensifies if already present? If so, it’s probably due to the season change as temperature, humidity, and moisture rates fluctuate. This in turn results in cracking or sinking, due to increased supporting soil instability with associated soil shrinkage causing voids below the concrete slabs. This instability and lack of support to the slabs causes cracking, settlement or intensifies the deficiencies in the slabs that may already be there that can lead to slab support failure.

It’s imperative to stop these cracks, void spaces, and settlement in its tracks and get your interior polyjack work done before excess damage occurs that can cause safety issues such as ground water leaks, increased radon gas, or structural collapse. Aside from the cost of repair, additional monetary consequences can occur like lower property values, or hinder the sale or purchase of a home. If you notice sinking or hairline cracks in your slabs as the season progresses, it’s the perfect time to get these slabs properly supported by polyjacking the slabs. This process includes injecting material through the slab to below it to fill the void, cut off water infiltration and expand to level the settled slab. Polyjacking is similar to mudjacking but much more robust as it lasts 100 times longer and is cleaner and less invasive to install by using high-density environmentally friendly polyurethane structural foam.

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