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Are You a Business/Apartment Owner Wanting to Fix Your Pool Deck? Contact STL Polyjack - #1 Commercial Pool Deck Leveling Services Company in St. Louis.

Be it water parks, sports centers, or community centers such as hotels/apartments, pools are one of the most used utilities. The last thing your customers want is worn-out, sinking concrete around the pool. It is not only unsightly, but it is also a tripping hazard and a liability. As an expert commercial pool deck leveling company in St. Louis, we can help you fix it sustainably.

STL Polyjack Provides the Best Commercial Pool Deck Repair Services in St. Louis

For a commercial pool, a good pool deck is essential. The presence of cracks and an uneven surface on the pool deck deems your attention. If you’re facing such issues, it’s time to turn to STL Polyjack. We provide the most affordable commercial pool deck leveling services in St. Louis. Here are some of the services that we offer,


The concrete pool deck surface becomes uneven due to a variety of factors such as weather, soil, moisture, and so on. STL Polyjack – one the best commercial pool deck leveling contractors in St. Louis, we utilize polyjacking process to fix the uneven surface. We inject polyurethane foam into the surface during this process through a drill. The entire process takes very little time, so your pool deck is fixed quickly. 


The concrete pool deck may develop cracks, holes, and other flaws over time. To address these issues, we offer resurfacing services. We will repair the damage and apply a cement overlay to protect the pool deck during this process. 


The sealing process used on your concrete pool deck can deteriorate over time. Moisture and weather conditions may cause damage to the pool deck as a result of this. We are one of the most reputable sealing service providers in St. Louis. To seal your concrete pool deck, we use polyurethane sealant.

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Stop worrying about a damaged pool deck! Contact STL Polyjack for high-quality leveling services. We’ve been doing pool deck repairs for over a decade and have worked with a variety of commercial clients along the way. Let’s talk shop!

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