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Concrete Raising is also known as Concrete Leveling, Slab Jacking or Polyjacking. This concrete raising process is an excellent alternative to the costly chore of demolishing and replacing concrete slabs in your driveways, pathways, floor slabs or any other on-grade concrete structure. Saint Louis Polyjack provides a quick and affordable solution for stabilizing and leveling existing concrete infrastructure in both commercial and residential environments, interior and exterior.

The process of lifting the sunken or settled concrete can be done by Mudjacking or by using polyurethane (Polyjacking). The installation process for both methods are similar in that they will lift and level existing concrete on grade but they have some very key differences in terms of sustainability and invasiveness.

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Concrete lifting and leveling


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Polyurethane Vs Mudjacking

The installation process for Polyjacking and Mudjacking can be similar in that they are both injected through holes drilled in the concrete slab to fill voids and lift the slab but the similarities stops there. The “slurry” or more commonly called “mud” which is essentially soil mixed with heavy concrete in the Mudjacking process can initially lift but does add unnecessary weight compounding the existing sinking problem.

The materials for Polyurethane Jacking “Polyjacking” are much lighter, about 2 Lbs per cubic foot as compared to Mudjacking at 100 Lbs per cubic foot. Polyjacking uses a sustainable two part lightweight high density polyurethane polymer foam that after mixed and injected below the slab will expand 15 times its volume them become completely inert and will not break down with moisture over time as with Mudjacking.

Mudjacking has a cure time of 24 to 48 hours before it can hold any weight on the slab lifted or stabilized. This is where Polyjacking really shines, After the two component material mixes and expands stabilizing or leveling the slab polyurethane foam can bear the full weight and duty of the slab within 10 mins keeping things up and running. No cones or caution tape needed after the job is done. This additionally reduces trip liability for businesses which a lot of times is the initial reason slab leveling is required to begin with.

Why STL Polyjack for Concrete Leveling in St. Louis?

At Saint Louis Polyjack, we have over 20 years of experience in fixing the sinking or settling concrete and restoring existing infrastructure back to what it once was allowing clients to keep business’s up in running, Schools and universities to keep students safely on the right path, Homeowners or buyers to save money and appease lenders or inspectors while selling / buying homes. Even construction partners and installers call us to level floors before new finishes or new walls can be installed. Long story short, If you have a cracked, Sunken, Uneven slab or large void call Saint Louis Polyjack first for a free estimate and consultation to see if we can help you before going the exhaustive and often infuriating route of Mudjacking or replacing your slabs. We also offer Driveway leveling in St. Louis and Sidewalk Leveling in St. Louis

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