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Every concrete structure, apart from the look and feel, sometimes is part of the foundation or might even be the primary support for any concrete structure. Thus, it could be overwhelming or sometimes even disheartening to see damages in the concrete structures. At STL Polyjack, there is no room for compromise when it comes to providing our aesthetic concrete repair services. Our team of experienced professionals pays attention to even the minutest of details and ensures that each and every project of ours is meticulously planned and done carefully. Furthermore, our engineers are certified and come with rich expertise. They also have an A+ rating in customer satisfaction. Our solution and services are highly economical and relatively less invasive. Thus, our clients need not worry about the weakening of the structure post-repair.

Contact St. Louis concrete repair experts and get free estimates. You could discuss your requirements with us for practically no charge and we would let you know what could be done about it.

Our certified engineers have a big reputation for delivering flawless concrete crack & joint repair services to both our residential clients and commercial clients in St Louis. You could reach out today to talk to consultants about our different concrete repair services in St. Louis and ask for a free estimate. We ensure that your expectations are met every single time.

Discover Our Various Concrete Crack Repair services in St. Louis

STL Polyjack has been rated the best concrete repair company in St. Louis has been providing our clientele with a myriad of useful services, of which the following are some notable ones.

Techniques Used in Concrete Crack Repair

How Do We Go About The Repair?

Our St. Louis concrete repair experts always put their heart and soul into every project we take up. Thus, we ensure that we not only provide flawless repair services but also preserve the originality of the structure to the maximum extent possible.

Polyurethane Foam To The Rescue!

One of our most commonly used methods to repair any concrete structure is polyjacking. In this method, we drill small holes through the concrete and inject the polyurethane foam. This foam hardens when allowed to settle, thereby pulling the damaged structure together. The whole process is just like mudjacking, but instead of concrete mix we use polyurethane in Polyjacking. In some cases where there is pitting or spalling, any loose structures are taken out first. This is usually followed by slab jacking. Polyurethane foam is considered to be very reliable as it provides a long-term solution and is economic.

Top Reasons Why STL Polyjack Could Be Your Perfect Partner for Concrete Repair in St. Louis!

STL Polyjack has been serving a wide base of clients ever since its inception. Our engineers have always remained in the good books as service providers for many good reasons. Dig in to know more!

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