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Commercial Concrete Slab Repair Services in St. Louis, MO.

Concrete slabs in commercial settings have a tough job to do. They need to support high volume foot or vehicle traffic to provide stability and level the surface for equipment and racking day in and day out. In addition to the daily traffic and business flow, safety is a major concern for the public and personnel. For whatever reason, the concrete slab cracks, sinks, became unlevel or sunk it must be identified and addressed quickly and safely to minimize disruption of business.

How Can Concrete Slab Crack or Sink?

Commercial slab damage can be attributed to some common factors like an excessive foot or vehicle traffic, weight overload, equipment vibration, lack of joint caulking, poor compaction of soil, poor soil composition like clay, sand, or silt, moisture retention, or improper gutter runoff/grading. In some cases, the concrete itself is the incorrect thickness for use, improperly reinforced, or mixed incorrectly. Regardless of the cause, when the soil under the slab becomes loose or weak it creates a void beneath the concrete as it settles leading to sinking and cracking or worse collapse.

Concrete Lifting Liability and Cost

As mentioned, safety for the public and personal in the business/workplace should be the number one concern. Whether it’s a patient tripping outside the hospital from an unlevel slab or forklift operator crashing or losing a load from a pronounced joint as a result of slab sinkage the questions will always be the same,” who’s fault is it” and “why was it not fixed” The associated cost of lawsuits are astronomical these days. As a business owner or property manager, it is imperative to spot potential problems and minimize the risk by repairing them. Even how the repairs are made should be a safety and liability consideration.

Traditional concrete replacement typically results in open pits, concrete trucks, jackhammers, dumps, and concrete trucks in and around the public or inside your business. If managed incorrectly could result in exactly what you were trying to avoid in the first place. On the contrary to typical concrete operation, polyjacking is a very safe and quick process with minimal equipment and crew at the area of repair with only one vehicle and pump trailer in tow curbside. We also offer Concrete lifting for residential applications.

How Do We Fix This

We make use of high-density and quality polyurethane foam to stabilizing and lifting the commercial slabs back to their original position. This results in filling the voids, stabilizing the soil and closing cracks and gaps in the slab. This process is more reliable and permanent than the Mudjacking and a fraction of the cost and time of slab replacement.

Benefits of Slab Lifting to Commercial Property Owners

Economical –Polyurethane slab injection (Polyjacking) is a fraction of the cost compared to slab replacement when factoring in downtime, fixture, and personnel relocation and cleanup around inventory or sensitive equipment.

Versatile – The material and method of injection remains the same across many different applications like airport runways, patios, courtyards, slab floors, walkways, driveways, basement slabs, etc. The equipment to do the work is versatile as well. We have self-contained pumping rigs that stay curbside while a hose and pump gun are the only equipment need at the area of work. We also have additional compact equipment that can go inside through doorways to reach even further than what our curbside pump rigs even allow.

Quick cure times – Our polyurethane foam materials cure in minutes upon injection. This allows the area to be completely available in just a few minutes to minimize the disruption of traffic flow. These are just a few of the many benefits you can get from commercial slab fitting. Feel free to contact a trusted company for a free estimate and consultation to learn more about the many different commercial slab fitting applications. STL Polyjack specializes in commercial work and understands the importance of quality work, coordination, and professionalism in your place of business.

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Commercial Concrete Slab Repair


Commercial Concrete Slab Repair

Commercial concrete slab repair services in St. Louis, MO.​

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