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Porch repair and Patio repair

The Patio is an ideal gathering place in both residential apartment complexes and commercial properties such as Hotels, Resorts, etc., Patios are the perfect outdoor place for throwing parties, barbecue, relaxing, or reading books. Most Patios are made from concrete because it has to be sturdy and to provide the best surface support. Concrete patios are naturally durable, but over time it starts to develop cracks, shifts away from or towards foundations, bowing, or sinking due to soil erosion that causes settlement. It is highly recommendable to fix it immediately rather than waiting for the problem to get worse or to a point where it is just not cost-effective to inject as opposed to tearing out and starting over. Unless solutions are provided swiftly, your once treasured porch can become worse or dangerous for the visitors and property owners.

Why Choose STL Polyjack to Repair Patio or Porch?

STL PolyJack can restore your sunken patios it to its original state in a day for an affordable price. The use of polyurethane is less disruptive, cleaner, and able to provide a long term solution against further degradation of your patio while being environmentally and cost-effective unlike the old method of Mudjacking.

Polyjacking for Patio Repair in St. Louis

Our repair services are simple – If the problem is due to an uneven base, we will employ the technique of Polyjacking using Polyurethane. The polyurethane resin will be pumped underneath the slab to expand and provide a supportive base while being safe to foundations and near vicinity structures in terms of ground pressure. This polyurethane will level your porch but not add significant weight like Mudjacking can cause further settlement of the adjacent foundation failure. STL Polyjack has extensive experience in lifting concrete structures, not just patios so rest assured we know what we’re doing and what it takes to successfully complete the work to your liking. At STL PolyJack we also work with contractors that specialize in resurfacing your Patio to make it even more attractive after we have stabilized and lifted, Just ask us, we only work with the best.

STL Polyjack is providing Porch repair and Patio repair, Porch Leveling, Patio leveling services in and around St. Louis area, Illinois, and Gulf Coast. Contact STL Polyjack today for a free estimate and prompt repair of your industrial or commercial loading dock.

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