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Sidewalk Leveling And Repair Services in St. Louis, Mo.

Cracking sinking and unlevel surfaces in sidewalks and walkways can be an eyesore and also cause varying degrees of injury as a result of being a trip hazard. As it was the responsibility of the contractor to have properly installed the sidewalks and walkways to minimize these defects, It’s the job of the land-owner or property manager now to identify and address the damage before it becomes a larger and more costly problem especially in a commercial setting when public safety and liability should be a number one concern.

Damages in Sidewalks

Some man-made damage is a result of heavy foot traffic, improper grading, lack of joint caulking, or poor compaction of soil and base materials during construction. Some are from mother nature herself like rainfall accumulation, gutter runoff, tree roots, and poor soil composition like clay, sand, or silt. Regardless the cause, when the soil under the sidewalks and walkways becomes loose or weak it creates a void beneath the concrete leading to sinking and cracking or worse collapse.

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Sidewalk Leveling and Repair Services

Liability And Cost

Whether you’re a commercial institution, business owner, homeowner or landlord and an accident like tripping and falling happens as a result of property neglect, you’ll be liable for the accident. (The laws vary area to area). The associated cost and heartache of a lawsuit or just your own personal / family injury is not the only thing to consider. The cost associated with downtime from demo and replacement when the existing sidewalks and walkways are too far gone to repair, lift or level is very costly, On average of 75% more expensive than leveling and void filling with polyurethane foam.

Fixing Damages In Sidewalks

There are two ways of dealing with cracking and sinking sidewalks and walkways….

The complete demolition / haul-off of the damaged sections then forming and re-pouring new and waiting for it to cure for use. This in some low traffic or residential applications is an acceptable means to deal with the problem but in a high traffic commercial setting it comes with a premium cost from extended downtimes for businesses or institutions. Damage to surrounding landscaping, heavy equipment and jackhammer operation close to sensitive equipment or infrastructure, and all during business hours is an additional concern.


Polyurethane foam injection (Polyjack), An immediate solution that’s open to traffic in less than 15 minutes after lifting and leveling. It provides a permanent cost-effective repair for sidewalks and walkways that need crack closure, lifting/leveling, void fill and soil stabilization. It saves quite a bit of money and time while providing durability and sustainability. It’s also friendly to the environment and surrounding landscape.

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