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An Exemplary Guide On Garage Floor Repair

August 2, 2021
Garage is one of the most important aspects inside a house. There are a bundle of reasons why one still needs to ponder about possessing an open garage space. Because you will cut off your extra expenses by storing sports items, tools, and of course, your cars in a safe haven away from moisture, rodents, and dust. A well-furnished and organized garage not only saves cost but also saves time. You can easily spot your essentials without slipping and falling whenever you grab small paraphernalia from a pile of items. You can treat your Garage as a workshop, game room, gym, laundry room, or space for extra food.
An organized, clean, and bright Garage will add a few more dollars to your home’s selling price.

Sneak-peek into the endurance of garage floor

  • The garage floor handles the weight of your vehicle, which on average is estimated to be approximately 4000 Ibs.
  • Human weight
  • Garage floors take care of your extra belongings
  • It bears temperature fluctuations
  • Sometimes it plays the role of your storeroom

But what happens when you see cracks in the garage floor?

Cracks on the garage floor can be alarming. Because it might have been initiated with a small crack, but eventually, it will become a threat to deteriorate the entire Garage. Fixing cracks in the garage floor might sound tedious, but actually, it is not. To your surprise, it can be done quickly, and the cost to replace the garage floor is very pocket-friendly at Garage floor repair Company St. Louis.

Types of Garage concrete repairs

  1. Surface cracks
  2. Pitting
  3. Spalling
In the second and third cases of pitting and spalling, the cracks are easy and simple to repair. You can use a sealer and paint the floor as long as it is not a bad repair. And in the first case, If your floor is covered with tiles or you have mat flooring, then you can repair it only if you are worried about water diffusion.

Reasons for cracks in garage floor

  • Most of the garage cars start to settle primarily due to the weakened soil combined with your heavy-weight trucks.
  • Change in atmospheric climate may result in cracks on floors because concrete contracts and expands with a temperature change, all of this makes the concrete settle.
  • Contraction joints are one of the reasons that cause cracks.
  • Even if your contraction joints are just fine, you may still notice cracks on the floors that might have occurred due to the settling of soil under your slabs.
  • When the garage foundation settles, you can notice cracks.

All the things mentioned above are natural and out of control. But, on the brighter side, the good news is that we can fix the cracks in the driveway or the garage floor. Let’s go deeper into the problems and their solutions.

Solutions for cracks occurred due to settling of soil;

If a void has been created due to soil settling beneath the slabs, then cracks occur. In such cases, slab jacking is considered to be the best option. Polyurethane foam is being inserted throughout the void space in the concrete slab. The foam hardens and fills the gap and raises the concrete to its original position. And, when the sab gets back to its original position, the cracks on the floor can be closed and sealed.

Solution for cracks occurred due garage foundation settles.

Have you ever noticed cracks in the foundation and walls of the Garage? Sometimes the floor sinks from the side of the floor. This might have occurred due to settling in the garage foundation. Here, you need to take care of helical piers as the primary repair element. It balances both the floor and the wall cracks simultaneously. The cracks will be stopped from moving any further.

And if there are cracks only on the garage floors, not on the walls, then you are dealing with something else called a “floating slab” floor. Here you use both methods- slab jacking and piers combinedly to control the damage. Piers take care of the foundation cracks, and slab jacking lifts the floor to its original position. Our foundation repair experts in St. Louis can quickly do a free assessment and come up with a plan to fix your sinking foundation.

Are you dealing with Garage floor cracks and looking for solutions? STLPolyjack is happy to help.

Erosion and other natural factors cause degradation of your garage floor. And, repairing them is a more feasible option than replacement. Your hunt for an ideal solution with cost-effective prices ends here! Whatever may be your problem- garage floor concrete repair, garage floor cement repair, garage floor spalling repair, garage floor pitting repair, etc., we are here to help.

We are an experienced Garage floor repair services company in St. Louis. Our reputation is unmatched. An expert that believes in providing exceptional service for bringing smiles to our customers. Still have doubts, give us a call, and book an appointment. Our project area manager will get in touch with you and evaluate all your problems. We assure you that we execute the best plan of action.