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Canned foam vs Injected Polyurethane resin foam

July 4, 2020

Canned foam vs Injected polyurethane resin foam explanation

Injected Polyurethane Resin foam is regularly used for filling voids underneath and lifting roadways – highways – runways, interior floors/garage slabs, porches /patios, bridge abutments, and all kinds of other heavy structures. Another very common use is to void fill under and lift pool decks or sinking Patios,  It’s even been used in special cases to raise the pool itself. There’s a multitude of densities and reaction times of polyurethane foam resins for geotechnical/ground contact applications, even in wet environments, which are different greatly from canned foam. Professional injected resins can be tailored to the specific type of job in any environment or application. The expansive properties and delayed reaction times of injected polyurethane resin foam vs canned are excellent for tricky void filling like under step assemblies, porches and large slabs as canned foams are not designed to be flowable (they come out of the can foaming, as opposed to staying liquid for a couple of seconds before expanding), so they don’t fill expansive, narrow voids very well, they are also not designed to support or disturb weight.