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Warehouse Concrete Repair Services using Polyurethane

October 8, 2021

At this commercial warehouse distribution center, there had been years of water accumulating on the exterior of the building eventually carving a path below the structure eroding the soil below the slabs and footing of this building causing cracking in the stem walls and interior slabs to settle/sink. We stabilized from the inside out with multi-component 4# polyurethane structural foam by means of injection grouting. We first Injected material through the interior slab until the void was filled, slabs were leveled and the polyurethane material exited below the footings on the exterior side. Then we double-backed from the outside to ensure complete closure and seal from moisture and outside elements. The slab and stem wall are now fully supported and connected back to the bearing soil for a complete structure system without any excavation. This warehouse is good to go for another 50+ years!

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