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Void filling / Front Porch Leveling

October 26, 2020


We had been called to restore the front porch or Void Filling of property near Wildwood, St. Louis County.

The project site was managed by a property management company that has ensured the rehabilitation of many rental properties around the region. The porch area was carefully examined, both manually and through the use of our equipment.


The area under the porch had several voids which made ground susceptible to a lot more damage. Needless to say many micro sites were found to be disoriented and unleveled. We could understand that the company has a budget constraint, and wanted to sort their issue as soon as possible. We were ready to meet both their requirements.

Note: The complete tearing out or replacement would have cost them at least 80% more.

Operation begins

We began our work. With the knowledge of the exact location of the voids, we took no time to start injecting the site with our special grade Polyurethane. In about 120 minutes we had covered all the sites which were completely damaged. We could also locate some of the weaker sections and we reinforced them as well.


  • All the voids were filled perfectly
  • The sinking slab on the corner was thoroughly leveled
  • Access material was neatly trimmed, and grading was done to suit the structure
  • Other visual details can be seen in the photos
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Time taken
240 Minutes, roughly 4 hours!