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What is Epoxy Flooring – STL Polyjack

December 19, 2019

We are getting a lot of questions about the Epoxy floors we do at STL Polyjack, St. Louis. So we put together a quick and neat explanation of what is metallic epoxy floors.

  1. It’s an industrial 2 part epoxy with metallic pigments mixed in and a high wear urethane topcoat available in multiple sheens.
  2. It’s a 4 step process. #1 Floor prep /concrete grinding #2 Epoxy primer (black in this case) #3 Laying down the metallic epoxy #4 Topcoat (urethane). It takes about 3 days cause of the drying time between steps. So 3 days about 2 hours each day depending on sqft.
  3. They’re very durable and chemical resistant, You can order the metallic pigments in any color combination imaginable, A single color can be chosen or multiple colors. It’s designed for indoor use when using a top coat but just the bare epoxy can be used outdoors. The floor is almost infinitely repairable.
  4. They’re slippery when wet just like any tile floor if you choose a high gloss topcoat but the semi-gloss and satin have more grip and durability to them just less shine, Other additives can be mixed in for additional grip if needed.
  5. The cost varies depending on the condition of existing concrete (how much grinding/ prep work is needed), how many colors are chosen and of course size/sqft of project. On average the price is less than a standard tile floor but more than say a laminated plank floor.
  6. When the colors go down it’s completely random but we do control how the colors blend and what effects need to happen as its curing like veining, cratering, or crystallizing (show in pics below).
  7. In the pictures, we are not stepping directly on it. We wear 1″ spiked shoes to keep us off it. The epoxy is naturally self-leveling so after we walk through it the little spots from the spikes disappear in less than a minute.

We also build epoxy tables which can give a glossy look to your reception table or office tables.